Wintertime Goals and Mission Statement:

My goal is to breed the highest quality, purebred Sable Point English Lop rabbits in strict adherence to the Standard of Perfection as put forth by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).


I support the ethical breeding rabbits utilizing the care recommendations made by the ARBA. I strive for quality rabbits in all aspects, including but not limited to correct conformation, gentle and tame temperaments, and vibrant health. All Wintertime English Lops will be pedigreed and registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. I believe in the future of the rabbit fancy and in the domestic rabbit.

It is important to me to support both 4-H and ARBA youth. Please feel free to contact me and ask for mentoring or youth discounts.

The English Lop, known as the "King of the Fancy," is one of the oldest if not THE oldest breed of domestic rabbit we know today. Research suggests this breed of great antiquity goes back not just hundreds of years, but as far back as 1700. Though this breed has a lot of history behind them, they are also a breed with modern appeal: their appearance is unique and distinctive, and they are renowned for having some of the best temperaments of all domestic breeds. I can easily vouch for their docile, friendly personalities. It's easy to see why I've fallen in love with the beautiful, sweet-natured English Lop, and why they wear the crown among domestic rabbits!

One final note: all of my show and brood rabbits do double duty as pets. They are wonderful and comforting creatures, and I am very blessed to have them in my life.


















I am a member of several rabbit clubs, notably the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the Lop Rabbit Club of America, the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Association, the Forest City Rabbit Breeders Club, and the Western Michigan Rabbit Breeders Association. I am especially fond of the latter (the WMRBA) and I try to attend every monthly meeting of the club in Howard City, Michigan, at the Catch 120 Grill. Like the English Lop, the WMRBA is a club with a lot of history, as it is the oldest Michigan regional rabbit club, having been founded in the 1920's. Don't be fooled though, this club is as relevant today as it was in yesteryear. I'd love to meet nearby fellow domestic rabbit fanciers; join up with the WMRBA and I will see you at the next meeting!

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